The Koto Project originally started with a dream of being equal with all okiya the burning passion to want to be friends with all the okiya and be the true sisters we all sought out to be while studying the knowledge of geisha. With blazing hearts and burning passion for what we know and love we wish to see every sister shine with a radiant light with love of what they do and the passion to continue to flame. Almost a year later some dreams came to life with this very sim you’re reading this on. This is a dream not for one person but for all. The passion and love put in it for other people from other people for other people is what it’s about. The name Koto project came from the sim itself to be a beautiful sound for all to hear.

In time I hope to have all of the okiya alike to perform at this sim. To promote role playing, to teach classes on what people love. Of course, with in reasons of being approved. We accept all geisha with under the reasoning if you are roleplaying a shikomi, minarai, maiko or geisha you are with in an okiya. If you do not have an okiya and wish to join one we will gladly help you find the right okiya for you. I am honored to have such wonderful creators on our sim to support this idea. I would like to thank each and every one of you patron and supporters alike for your generosity, support and willingness to help bring a dream for everyone to life.

I welcome you the patron to our website, I welcome you the dreamer to our sim, and most of all I welcome the unique you into a home. This sim is not just for the okiyas it’s an edo period home to all if you can think of a role you would like to role play PLEASE! I influence this! Fill out the registration forms and let us work on making a dream to exceed your imaginations with grace, beauty and the delicacy of a gentle and patient hand.

If you do not wish to role play and want to come see the shows strictly, join our patron group. Even if you just want to sit in on classes , or serve tea in the ochaya. We welcome you all to a greater dream for the edo period and more. To share our knowledge, our smiles, our favorite shopping places and kabuki shows.

Thank you for your patronage and please enjoy your stay at this humble sim.


Richwadicus Resident

Lucicity Resident

Yumimomoko Resident

P.s. If you have any photos you would like to share as well please do so by visiting our flickr group page! https://www.flickr.com/groups/2722585@N23/


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