Updates and happenings!

Hello Koto viewers! Let’s get to some really fun awesome things going on in Koto Project shall we?!

Halloween is right around the corner! We’re going to be preparing for some really fun spooky events for this Halloween! We’ve got some exciting ideas being tossed around and we could use some volunteers so if any one is interested in volunteering and being apart of a really awesome Halloween event please im Lucicity Resident!

Next! We have a very special box at the front of the sim! It’s a box for a friend of mines nephew who is a brave little 7 year old boy fighting with leukemia. If you would like to donate please feel free to drop by for a visit even a single linden could help this precious boy and all he’s going through. There’s a website to keep people updated as much as possible. If you’re interested in taking on a donation box for them from the sim please message  aprojectformikey resident or pleiades constantine.http://suicidalbutterfli.wix.com/a-project-for-mikey

Up next we have been graciously added into the cultural community hub! Underneath the historical area we are proud to be apart of!

Finally, we would like to give a big welcome to our miko of our Shinto shrine, Tsugiko! We thank you for honoring our shrine and cleansing it daily!!

On a side note, I have had someone message me about having a wedding on the sim!! Of course, I was too excited to even think! It will be an open wedding coming in November that’s all the details I’m going to share with you until later on! 😛 If you happen to see any thing amiss or out of place this  month of October things will be changing around and then for November we will have our first Shinto wedding. I look forward to seeing you all there, I will keep you updated as time moves forwards.

Thank you all for being apart of the Koto Community and the sim as a whole we appreciate everyone’s support!

With extra love and care,

Lucicity Resident

Yumimomoko Resident

Richwadicus Resident


Alpaca Rain

Couture Creature

Alpaca Rain


On a hot summer day it’s always most important to bring your cutest umbrella! You never know when the showers will come to feed the flowers! (Even the flowers on my flats!) This beautiful outfit is perfect for summer or spring! If you’re ready to make a splash towards the end of the summer well this is the outfit perfect for you! ^_^ I quite enjoyed taking photos in this outfit it really has that fresh garden feel from the strawberries on the top and the daisies on my toes!

Style card:

Top: Sonata top in strawbery by Cysleek

Shorts: Monso- My studded shorts -vintage blue

Flats: ILLI-Valentina Flats for Slink flat feet

Hair: Magika- Written

Jewelry: Necklace- Severed Garden;*Effia* Vibrant;; Bracelet- *BOOM* Best Friends pastel bracelet

Umbrella: *BOOM* rain no rain-alpaca

Skin: Glam Affair- Coral arctic

Shape: Glam Affair- Angelica

Make up and lashes: Snow rabbit follow your smile…

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The sims happenings!

In the last two days I’ve had a lot of fun hiding a tea house in the beautiful forest of Koto Project, setting up these dolls and having hte honor of watching not only our first fighting match in the sim but, the first time we got to crack open the doors tot he sake house for a beautiful role playing experience! I truly want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for making this sim what it is. It’s because of you all that Koto Project lives and you all are what makes this sim so beautiful. Pictured down below are just a couple of our precious role players. Also, some big news! We have started to set up dcs2 in the sim for fighting. I will however include on this post that all fighting stays with in the sparring area. BUT! We have many more surprises in store for you all!! I look forward to hearing from some of you soon! Come stop by and visit us!  Sake house geishadolls Hidden tea house Koto sake dance 

Having fun with a visitor

So it’s almost 5a.m. here and I seen a blogger come on to the sim Brandy Foxdale (norahbrent) so I thought hey I’m in my period clothes and messing with this face hud why not? So I messaged her and she agreed to take the photo with me! Little did she know was what would happen next… I call this photo when Pandas attack, please enjoy! Thank you Miss Foxdale for being such a great sport and posing with me! Her blogs are as following. http://bambifoxdale.blogspot.co.il/




Beautiful ~ Koto Project ~

Thank you Owl <33

Through Owl's eyes...

Koto Project ~ Photo by Owl

After seeing Loverdag’s photos on flicker


I had to come look and play a bit

peace ~ Photo by owl

The sim info says

” “All guests are welcome but, please keep in mind most of the people are in character.

Role play edo period, geisha samurai, ninja, miko, shrine, maiko, minarai, shikomi, sake house, bathhouse, shopping center, kabuki”

Water garden ~ Photo By Owl

More Info here


Boat ~Photo by Owl

I suggest you go visit


Thank you for looking ~owl

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The Beautiful Koto Project in Second Life

Thank You Honour! ❤ This is lovely

Honour's Post Menopausal View (of Second Life)

Koto Project (moderate)

I don’t have nearly enough time to explore these days, so I do a quick check of some of my favourite destinations blogs to see what I’m missing. Loverdag pointed me to the Koto Project.

Koto Project (moderate)

This is a beautiful sim and intended for Edo Period roleplay. If you don’t think bloggers have an impact, well the co-owner/co-builder Lucicity told me that she loves having people appreciate the build, but since Loverdag’s post “… people have been in and out taking photos. I’m like I HAVEN’T EVEN FINISHED THE ROLE PLAY PART YET!!!”

Koto Project (moderate)

Don’t hesitate to visit though. They’ve put in a lot of work and it’s fantastic. Lucicity and her fiance RichWadicus are planning weekly performances … a background as geishas for at least two of the staff means that they love to entertain…

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