Character Registration


Here is where you can apply for a character at the Koto Project. Please fill out every field in this application, and make sure to follow ALL directions. Once submitted, your application will be sent to our admin, who will get back with you in 24 to 72 hours with regards to your application status. Thank you so much for your patience! We so look forward to seeing you on the sim!


Character Backstory

Character Backstory: (Minimum of 1 paragraph)

When writing any backstory, the details are key. So! The more you know about your  character, the easier and honestly the more fun it is to roleplay him or her! You should address at least these three points in your backstory:

  • How your character arrived at the Koto. ( keep in mind we are an island)
  • Your characters past.
  • Your character’s physical appearance and personality

Don’t feel like this is all you can talk about in your backstory!- These are just ideas to get you started! Write as little or as much as you like, but keep in mind backstories that are TOO vague will result in you being asked by an admin to go more in-depth.

Rp Sample-  There are many roles at the Koto Project and we are always open to new ones! (keep in mind we are strictly human sim to keep things realistic) You can join the Ninja, Samurai, work in the Sake house, work in the onsen, work in the ochaya, (tea house) open a restaurant, be a fisherman, sensei, anything you can dream up honestly! In your rp sample please paint us a picture with your words let us feel the essence of your character in a scene that defines them.


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