More fun to be had!

Anachron- kiseru_001

Anachron’s new kiseru came out today! In the markets of Koto Project!!

Also, if you happen to see any floating ghosties around the sim or scary ghouls fear not! It’s just our cast of people preparing for Koto Projects Halloween special! We will be shutting down the lights and becoming a ghost town every Saturday in October at 9pm slt! Come visit with the old and new urban legends of Japan!






We would all like to cordially invite and welcome you to the Koto Project. A breath of fresh air, please come to enjoy our lovely shopping district, sake house, kabuki (Japanese plays), Odori (Japanese song and dance that tells a story), Ozashiki Tea serving and conversation). The people here are truly one of a kind, all donations go back with in the sim so please feel free to toss a couple linden to help improve and build on to the sim! This is our home and we’re sharing it with you so any ideas or classes you wish to teach please message one of the administrators. We have an event calendar on sim to find out what will be happening on certain days and times.


Admins for classes and scheduled events:

Lucicity Resident

Yumimomoko Resident