The Koto Project is an up and coming Role Play sim filled with big dreams and headed by an even bigger heart.

A quick quote from our founder:

“I welcome you the patron to our website, I welcome you the dreamer to our sim, and most of all I welcome the unique you into a home. This sim is not just for the okiyas it’s an edo period home to all if you can think of a role you would like to role play PLEASE! I influence this! Fill out the registration forms and let us work on making a dream to exceed your imaginations with grace, beauty and the delicacy of a gentle and patient hand.

As anyone can see we welcome everyone at the Koto Project and hope that in time this tab will be filled with many wonderful groups to come! We have plans for: Kabuki, Yakuza, Ninja, and we would love to add to that list! You the patrons are what makes this sim thrive after all.

Arigato, If you have any questions please contact:

Lucicity Resident

RichWadicus Resident

YumiMomoko Resident


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