Kotober Fest


The Koto Project is gearing up for Halloween this year with a special event! This year beginning the 4th of October 2014 and every Saturday in October after that at 9pm-12am SLT, Koto will be going dark for a special Ghost Town event… That’s right plunged into darkness and when the lights go out who knows what haunts will slither out into the night…

We cannot make this fantastic event happen without YOU! To make this event happen we need HAUNTS!! Please join us! Put on your best, your scariest, your most terrifying, horrifying costume yet…  and contact any of the Koto Project admin about being an ACTOR during this sure to be fun event! Keeping with our ever present theme we would like to request that actors stay ‘with in theme’ so keep your haunts Japanese if you please 😉

Need help finding a spook? I found mine at http://yokai.com/ from A-Z they have got what you need.

Contact Lucicity Resident, RichWadicus Resident, or YumiMomoko Resident.



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