Koto has it’s own flickr page!

Hello everyone we are currently setting up a flickr so stay tuned for all of the fun here at Koto and many photos to be taken. Make sure to follow us!



New garden in the residential area!

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Come have a visit to the new garden area in Koto right behind the residential area, the koto residents get their own personal garden to enjoy a peaceful moment inside of.


The Koto Project

Caits World

I had my breakfast in Japan this morning! I visited The Koto Project, a well designed Japanese Roleplay sim, situated in the Edo Period.
Although for roleplay, and they do have rules (read them, a notecard is provided upon arrival), visitors are welcome and as far as I could find in the rules there is no need to dress to theme when just passing by. The notecard, by the way, also has some great tips and tricks on roleplaying, which is nice for newcomers!

The Koto Project - I

The Koto Project - II

The roleplay is ‘community’ RP, so people rent homes in this town, houses which you are requested not to enter. You do not need to perv in peoples homes to enjoy this place, there is enough else to see and if you take the time to walk around you will find lovely details and beautiful buildings and a street with some shops too!
The Koto Project - III

The Koto Project - IV

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A project for Mikey


If you would love to have this beautiful photo on a box for a precious little boys struggle please be sure to notecard aprojectformikey resident! It’s one little prim on a sim to help out someone in need. We spend thousands of linden a day on superficial pixel clothes what’s even ten linden? Even a single linden can make a difference it all adds up! We have a box on Koto Project. I hope others grab a box or toss a linden in the box at Koto Project or  BOMBSHELL. Thank you all ! ❤

More fun to be had!

Anachron- kiseru_001

Anachron’s new kiseru came out today! In the markets of Koto Project!!

Also, if you happen to see any floating ghosties around the sim or scary ghouls fear not! It’s just our cast of people preparing for Koto Projects Halloween special! We will be shutting down the lights and becoming a ghost town every Saturday in October at 9pm slt! Come visit with the old and new urban legends of Japan!