Rental Rules and Information

Welcome to the rental rules section of our website! Before I begin with the rules I would like to say Koto Project is a beautiful sim area to rent from offering the finest amenities an edo period sim can offer to others.

We also offer a way to lower rent by doing in sim chores around the sim (See admin for details.)

Now let’s get down to business shall we?

Rental rules:

All rules are stated as followed is an agreement terms between the Koto Project renters and the admins are as following.

Follow the Second Life T.O.S.! If you are caught breaking the second life terms of service you will be ejected! There’s no playing around when it comes to the second life terms of service!

Now as for the Koto Project rules:

Please keep it edo! That means no cellular devices, no television sets, no telephones, etc.etc. Just think kind of like the asian amish people! šŸ˜€

We ask that if you are ooc please keep your tag on even inside of your house as you may have random visitors come and knock at your door!

Privacy, we don’t understand privacy and neither should you! I would like to hope that all the neighbors and neighbors neighbors would be close of friends enough to not be afraid ot knock on someone elses door! Do chores together embrace the feeling of living in real life edo period times!

While in your home I would suggest unless you wanted to get peeped on to keep your clothe son at all times. Now outside of your rental you must be clothed but inside as this is a moderate sim and if by chance you wanted to be nude in your home we ask that you keep your primmy parts off as not every one wants to share the hot dog and buns love! And I know you’re thinking well you shouldn’t be looking but, this is second life! Everyone looks into everyone’s houses!

As for breaking in and entering on other peoples homes with out permission we will (As Admins) be on the sim almost 24 hours a day keeping close watch for yakuza break ins and anything else but, be aware if it’s an in character and properly gone though break in we are not held responsible for any of the damages brought to your homely items. Or extra homely items ^.^

Always keep in mind we are willing to work with you, help you and furnish your houses if need be. We want everyone to have a fun and safe time and to really embrace their roles so we ask that you please be considerate of other people role playing with in the area. If you hear someone outside and you wish to role play with them, please don’t yell outside of your house. Your house has walls and realistically if someone heard you talking in your house alone they would think you were mental. So drop them an im or take a step out of the door and pass on a smile or a frown or a grimace maybe even a sneer oh or how about a smirk?!

We appreciate everyone renting from us at Koto Project 100% of the rent does go back into funding the sim as well as our donations. We did not feel is necessary to charge our stores because, they are bringing gifts to you and to the sim. If you see one of the store owners online and in the sim don’t be afraid to give them a big hug! They work hard for all of us here and for everyone on second life.


Well, that’s it for the rules and such if you have any problems please contact the admins of the sim and have a wonderful awesome day!


With love, the admins from Koto Project:

Richwadicus Resident

Lucicity Resident

Yumimomoko Resident





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